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2019 UIL 6A Texas State Championship Team

Allen Eagles Wrestling, 10X Consecutive Texas UIL State Championships!!!

The boys are back in town.....

The Infamous Smoked Ham!!

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Sweet and Savory Sugared Ham!!

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Annual Thanksgiving Ham Sale

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Allen’s High School Wrestling Team has won TEN consecutive 6A Texas State Championships since 2010 and is ranked among the best teams in the nation. While the wrestlers dedicate themselves to athletic training and academic achievements, our volunteer Takedown Booster Club (TDC) takes on the monumental task of raising the funds necessary for our sons and daughters to pursue their dreams, both on and off the mat.

The TDC not only supplements the team’s travel expenses, but also provides college scholarships, team banquets, equipment, meals, uniforms, and much more. In 2011, we launched The Thanksgiving Wrestling Ham Sale, and it quickly became our most successful fundraiser. Since then, thousands of special-order hams have been enjoyed by friends, families, and businesses.

Using hand-cut wood and professional smokers, Coaches Best and Wyckoff have perfected the slow smoking technique necessary to create a mouth-watering Smoked ham masterpiece, $45.

For our Sugared ham, we use a special blend of brown sugar and fresh spices to thoroughly glaze each ham, which results in a delicious, lightly sweet and salty, yet savory flavor, $45.

Following the smoking or sugaring process, each ham is given a final inspection, carefully wrapped, and is available for your immediate pick-up. These fully cooked hams will warm quickly in the oven and are delicious served cold. They also freeze well allowing for a second ham to be enjoyed at Christmas time.

We are committed to providing you with a top-quality product. We value every order and guarantee that our smoked and sugared hams will be mouth watering, fresh, and savory. Your generous purchase provides a wonderful meal for your family and 100% of the profit goes directly to the High School Wrestling team. For that, we greatly appreciate you.

As an added benefit, because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a portion of your purchase is also tax-deductible.

Hurry! Quantities are limited.  


The 2019-20 Wrestling Season is right around the corner, stay connected for season updates and details!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

Get your 2019-20 Takedown Club Membership Today!

Click to Pay Online or Pay Katie Hollmer, Allen TDC Treasurer

Click to Pay Online or Pay Katie Hollmer, Allen TDC Treasurer

Become a Takedown Club  member and help support the 10X State Champion Allen Wrestling Team.  Your donation will be used to fund the teams travel, competition expenses, travel expenses, equipment, and banquets which makes the wrestling team so successful!

Thank you for your continued support!!!
Click to Pay Online or Pay Katie Hollmer, Allen TDC Treasurer 

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The 2019-20 schedule will be uploaded as soon as it's released.

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